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A panoramic photograph immortalizes the awe-inspiring ruins of Pella, showcasing the remarkable remnants of a bygone era.


Location of Pella: Pella, also known as Tabaqat Fahl, is an archaeological site located in the north-western region of Jordan,

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A panoramic photograph immortalizes the formidable Kerak Castle, an imposing fortress from the time of the Crusaders.


Location of Kerak: Kerak is an ancient city located in southern Jordan, roughly 140 kilometers (87 miles) south of the

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A photograph immortalizes the enchanting city of As-Salt, where a mosque takes prominence in the foreground, while charming houses grace the background.


Location of As-Salt: As-Salt, also known simply as Salt, is a historic city located in northwestern Jordan, approximately 30 kilometers

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From an aerial perspective, a photograph immortalizes the awe-inspiring Ajloun Castle, gracefully embraced by surrounding trees, while lush greenery forms a captivating backdrop.


Location of Ajloun: Ajloun, a small town located in the north-western region of Jordan, is a hidden gem waiting to

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