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Syria E-Visa Platform 2024

Syria E-visa Platforms 2024:

In a exciting move to welcome more travelers, the Syrian Ministry of Tourism proudly unveiled its cutting-edge E-Visa Platform in May 2024. This state-of-the-art electronic system marks a transformative shift in the visa application process, making it easier and more efficient than ever before to embark on an unforgettable journey to Syria.

Gone are the days of complicated paperwork and long wait times. With an e-Visa, the process of obtaining entry into Syria has never been simpler. All you need to do is submit the required documents and fill out the online application form. It’s that easy!

Once your e-Visa is approved, you’ll receive the good news straight to your email or WhatsApp. Just print out the approval and you’re all set to embark on your unforgettable journey to Syria.

No more hassles, no more delays. The e-Visa puts the power in your hands, making it seamless to visit this ancient land and immerse yourself in its rich history, vibrant culture, and renowned hospitality.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock the doors to Syria and start planning your dream trip today with the convenience of an e-Visa. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Travel Agents’ E-Visa Platform: 

The principal e-visa platform allows licensed travel agents to offer e-visa assistance (security clearance and entry visa approval). To process your e-visa approval to Syria, travelers need to provide:

  • Scanned copy of passport’s information pages in JPG format, with a minimum validity of six months.
  • Recent passport-sized personal photo with white background.
  • Information list.

The e-visa application process typically takes 5 working days for travelers from Europe, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, and other select nationalities. However, the processing time may be longer for applicants from certain other nationalities.

Once your e-visa is approved, you will receive the document electronically. Simply print it out and present it to the Immigration Officer upon arrival at the designated border crossing. Upon arrival, you will be issued a 15-day visa stamp in your passport, instead of a separate sticker.

Visa fees should be paid in cash, according to the current fees listed below, taking into account that visa fees and guidelines are subject to change without prior notice, so be sure to check the latest information before your trip.

Visa fees and guidelines are  subject to change without any prior notice.

Tourist E-Visa Platform:

In addition to the travel agent’s e-via platform, travelers can themselves apply for security clearance and entry visa approval through the Tourist E-Platform. Travelers can themselves complete the visa application, upload required documents, and make the necessary payments. The supported payment methods include online payment services.

Applicable Visa Fees 2024:


US$ 75


US$ 150


US$ 200


US$ 100


US$ 150

New Zealand

US$ 150


US$ 50


US$ 50


US$ 25

Hong Kong

US$ 65


US$ 75


US$ 50


US$ 25

South Africa

US$ 50

South Korea

US$ 50


US$ 200

Travel Advice:

  • It is crucial to emphasize that the Syrian authorities have strict regulations regarding previous travel to Israel and self-ruled territories. If, while obtaining your visa on arrival, border officials discover any indications in your passport that raise suspicions of prior visits to Israel, your entry will be unequivocally refused.
  • These restrictions apply not only to passports containing visas or entry/exit stamps to Israel and self-ruled territories, but also to entry stamps from specific border crossings with Israel from neighbouring countries such as Jordan or Egypt that you may have recently travelled through. As a result, if such stamps are present, the immigration officials will deny entry immediately.
  • The Syrian government strictly enforces these restrictions, and in order to ensure a smooth entry into the country, travelers must be mindful of their travel history. This entails understanding the significance of their passport stamps and planning their itineraries in the region accordingly. The objective is to avoid any complications that may arise from any perceived association with Israel during your entry process.

Land Border Crossings:

Entry/exit stamps from the below land border crossings should be avoided to avoid being refused entry to Syria.

Jordan Border Crossings:

  • Wadi Araba Crossing/South Border
  • Allenby/King Hussein Bridge
  • Sheikh Hussein Crossing/Northern Border

Egypt Border Crossings:

  • Taba
  • Nitzana
  • Sharm el Sheikh, Mars al-Alam and Hurghada

It is important to note that having an entry stamp from Sharm el Sheikh Airport has resulted in cases where individuals were denied entry into the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is E-Visa? The E-visa is the easiest way to obtain a permit for entry into and travel within Syria for tourism purposes. All you need to do is submit the requested documents and complete the Information list. After receiving your entry visa approval through email or WhatsApp, simply print it out and bring it with you when you enter Syria.

How long does it take to get my E-Visa approval? The e-visa application process typically takes 5 working days to make a decision on a visa approval for travelers from Europe, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong,  Brazil, and other select nationalities. However, the processing time may be longer for applicants from certain other countries.

Who is eligible for E-Visa? All nationals traveling to Syria for short-term tourism purposes are eligible.

How long will my E-Visa be valid for? It will be a single entry valid for one month with a maximum of 15-day stay.

Can I choose the language to fill the information list? No, you must fill in the Information list in English, taking into account that all the fields should be completed.

After submission I have realized that some of the information that I have provided in the information list requires correction, what should I do? You should advise us immediately to take appropriate corrective action.

Do I need to obtain a separate visa approval for people accompanying me? Yes. despite of age, each traveller must obtain a separate entry visa approval.

Why should I enter information about accompanying me persons in my application? You are advised to provide information about your companions to ensure joint examination of your applications. Remember that all travellers should fill out the information list and should provide separate documentation.

How much is a visa fee applicable? Please check the applicable visa fees, based on nationality.

Where the visa fees are paid? Upon arrival to Syria.

How the visa fees are paid? In cash, in US Dollars (US$).

How do I pay for my entry visa approval ? It is always included in our package offer.

If my E-Visa application is rejected, are there any charges? Certainly, no.

What kind of Documentation I need to apply for E-visa? 

  • Scanned copy of passport’s information pages in JPG format.
  • Recent passport-sized personal photo with white background.
  • Information list.

What are the requirements to my travel document/passport? Your travel document/passport document should have a minimum validity of six months

What does ‘information page of passport’ meanThe page in passport which contains basic information about its bearer’s surname, given names, photo and date and place of birth, validity period, issuing authority, place of issue and travel document/passport number, and the dates the travel document/passport was issued and will expire.

My child is included in my passport. Do I need to make a separate travel document/passport and E-Visa application for her/him? Yes. Despite of age, each traveller should use separate travel document/passport and should obtain a separate e-Visa.

During Crossing the border of Syria which documents should I have with me?

  • Passport. 
  • Entry Visa Approval.

How recent must my photo have been taken? Your photo should be taken within 6 months of submitting your application and reflect your current appearance. The photo should be in good resolution with white background.

What pose should I be in for my photo? You must directly face the camera. Profile shots will not be accepted.

How large should my head be in the photo? Your head should be between 50% and 70% of the image’s total height from the top of the head, including the hair, to the bottom of the neck.

Can a parent or guardian appear in the photo of a child? No, the child must be the only person in the photo. Nothing used to support the child should be in the camera’s frame, including the arms or hands of a parent holding the child.

Are photos that are copied from recent driver licenses or other official documents acceptable? No. Copied or digitally scanned photos of official documents will not be accepted.

Are snapshots, magazine photos, mobile device photos, or photos from vending machine acceptable? No. Snapshots, magazine photos, low-resolution vending machine photos, mobile device photos or full-length photos are not acceptable.

Is the personal information provided by me protected? Yes, your personal information is protected and will be used only for the purpose of applying for your entry visa approval.

I cannot open my E-Visa. What do I do? Entry visa approval is sent in in pdf format. If the PDF file does not open, check that you have a copy of Adobe Reader installed.

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